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The new Council for Fradley and Streethay first met in June 2009. The expansion of both major villages highlighted the needs of hundreds of new residents and is bringing forward new ideas for the improvement to the appearance of the area.

Parish Councils are often described as the 'most approachable' layer of Local Government. Our Parish Councillors live in and are part of the community and are unpaid. They are often the first point of call with local issues.

This website and our newsletter The Village Link are designed to keep you up to date with our activities.

Play areas

Hay End Lane
Hay End Lane

The council continues its commitment to our three play areas; the council maintains Streethay, Hay End Lane and Worthington Road. These were funded from 'Section 106' funds negotiated by Lichfield District Council as a result of local development in the parish.

Play area
Play area

The Parish Council will always work to ensure such funds are spent locally after consultation. Streethay has benefited from section 106 funds; these have been used to improve the Play Park with the new sand pit, fencing and Kissing Gate.

The Council provides Grants to run the Summer Play Schemes in the Parish, which are organised by the District Council, many local youngsters benefit from the play activities during the holidays.

2012 Olympics

Council organised and hosted the Olympic Torch Relay Community Day which took place in Streethay Play Area on 30 June 2012. All supporting organisations and residents enjoyed a very successful event. Thanks go to:

  • Paul Pearce of Balloons and Tunes, and Jo Wilson,
  • Stu of Air Ambulance,
  • Donna and the Lichfield International Soroptomists,
  • Sarah-Jane and Stephen Beresford of Midland Co-op,
  • Bulwell Trailers,
  • Kennelgate,
  • Motor Mania,
  • Ray of Streethay Wharf,
  • Lori Face painting,
  • LDC Paul Watson and the Community Development Team,
  • 7th Lichfield Scouts
  • Mark Walker of First Responders
  • Jan Siekierska and the Birmingham University camera team for producing the film of the event which can be viewed on YouTube

As a result of the fun day charitable contributions were raised for the Midlands Air Ambulance, First Responders, the 7th scouts and the Lichfield Soroptomists

Green Space

The council is also responsible for several areas of green open spaces in the parish as well as shrubs all maintained by our contractor (Lichfield District Council) on a regular basis. Recent works to such areas includes:

  • Planters: Two sets of planters have been provided in both Fradley Village and Streethay these were planted up in readiness to celebrate and commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. These brighten up the area and are be planted twice a year in June and in the Autumn.
  • Benches: Five new benches celebrating the queen’s jubilee and coronation have also been installed from 106 monies at no cost to the council throughout the parish at Statfold Lane, Watersmeet, the green at Streethay, and on Fradley South.
  • Fradley Statfold Lane: The Council has put in place landscape improvements for Statfold Open Space to commemorate the Queen’s 2012 Jubilee. New flowering cherry trees are now planted and improvements to the Statfold open space have been made to clear overgrown areas and plant new hedging.

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Parish Council Meeting Friday 17th March 2015

Fradley and Streethay Parish Council Meeting Friday 17th March 2015 to be held in the meet...(Read more)

Notice Board

Worthington Road Play Area
Remedial works to the play area are programmed to begin on 26th August. Because the remedial work is quite extensive, there may be some disruption due to deliveries and the play area closed.

Help your Parish
The council is also looking to organise a local community group of volunteers to help the parish look after minor maintenance tasks. Please get in touch with your local councillor and let them know if you are prepared to join in.

YOU CAN NOW VOICE YOUR VIEWS ON AGENDA ITEMS AT PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS If there is an agenda item you wish to speak upon at Council then you are welcome to do so. If you do plan to attend the meeting please let the Clerk know in advance of the item you will be talking on.

Opposition to HS2 route

At their meetings on 20th April 2010 and 15th February 2011 Councillors voiced strong opposition to the recent HS2 proposals, this follows on from their recent assessment of the plans for HS2 and discussions Streethay Councillors have held with local residents.

The adverse environmental impact as well as the effect on homes and businesses by the building of HS2 along the present route through Streethay is being strongly opposed and the Council have agreed to make their protest known to the Minister responsible.

Furthermore the item is being monitored and will be a regular item on future Council agendas.The Council expects to play a full part in any future consultation over the plans for HS2 so local views and concerns can be put forward.

Scrutinising and commenting on approximately 50 planning applications per year and meetings with District Council Planners to make sure consultation events are organised so residents and local organisations have the chance to influence the Local Plan and planning process.

Comments made on the Local Plan include:
  • supporting the retention of the village character in Fradley and Streethay with the protection/enhancement of any local features such as the countryside and canal areas.
  • highway and other community infrastructure improvements must be made to provide new roads to relieve existing pressures and that improvements to the A38 junctions are made
  • opposition to the major planned development for new housing at Streethay and proposals in the local plan for new housing at Hayend Lane Fradley